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Chairperson: Rtn Jayanta Neogi

1. To create awareness of the need to protect environment and nature in all sphere of life.
2. To work closely with City Clean Project Groups and NGOs in organized garbage clearance and help build new parks, gardens, public toilets and other facilities.
3. To create awareness about occupational safety and health.
4. Take up a project on Micro Credit in RCC or in a village involving at least 50 women.
5. Impart Vocational Training to at least 5 needy persons.
6. Take up one project on Computer Literacy involving at least 10 participants.

RI Programmes (RYLA, WCS, Interact, Rotaract, etc.)

1. Formation of new clubs with new Rotarians (if feasible).
2. Support District Rotaract Program and Initiatives to make a strong Rotaract Forum.
3. Participate and host at least one RYLA/Youth Activity Program.
4. Plant tree saplings and distribute at least 250 fruit-trees through RCCs.
5. Hold regular meetings with RCCs to ascertain the needs of the local community.
6. Monitor the progress of projects and involvement of local villagers.
7. Participate in District RCC meets and programs.
8. Nominate RCC leaders for District RCC awards and recognition.



Program Participation

Co-Chairperson: PE Rtn. Lalit Beriwala

1. International Publicity of our Projects.
2. Fund raising for Global Grants.

Foundation Fund Raising

Co-Chairperson: PP Dr Naresh Goyal

1. Support Annual Giving program of TRF by contributing US$ 100 or more per capita in Annual Programs Fund contribution.
2. Arrange TRF meet and honour new PHF’s and Major Donors in a memorable way. Use the medium of art (paintings, sculpture) to promote new talent and int’l understanding as well as to raise through exhibition-cum-sale to support the Rotary Foundation (through public auction).

International Services

Co-Chairperson: PP Rtn. Jayanta Chatterji

1. Find international sponsors for various Grant Projects for at least one of the areas of focus.
2. Monitoring and stewardship of international projects.
3. Implementation and reporting of international projects.