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General Healthcare

Co-Chairperson: PP Rtn Neeraja Rateria

1. Create awareness on avoidable health hazards (smoking, checks on Arsenic & other pollutions in water, pollution, AIDS/STD early marriage and inadequate spacing of children in rural areas, bad eating habits, exposure to excessive radiation and other socio-medical / lifestyle issues) through seminars/debates/workshops/padayatra/camps, etc.
2. Arrange free medical check-up & medical care for the destitute (old people, women and children) at our 3-H project site, and also at ASHA school sites.
3. Arrange good quality healthy check-up for the FAMILTY OF ROTARY including members’ spouses, members of our Inner Wheel club and our Rotaract / Interact clubs at reasonable rates.
4. To take up at least two projects which create awareness on AIDS or CANCER or LIFESTYLE DISEASES or DRUG ABUSE or PRESERVE PLANET EARTH.
5. To take up at least two projects on health Concerns including health check up, and another in any area of club’s choice.
6. Conduct medically and socially essential deformity-removal surgery for weaker sections.

Health Promotion

Co-Chairperson: Rtn Dr Mary D’cruz

1. Blood Donation Camp in the rural area especially on those areas where our club is involved with 3-H Project. Human Blood Bank Data Based Camp for all the villagers under 3-H Project organized by RCC.
2. Medical Camp at villages with the help of RCC in association with Rotaract Club.
3. Pthalisimia Awareness Program to be organized in the city with the Rotaract Club.

Disaster Management

Co-Chairperson: Rtn: Rtn. Arundhati Chatterjee

1. To form a committee for organizing donation and distribution of relief materials to the affected area.
2. To conduct fund raising program to meet the requirements.




Chairperson: PP Rtn Utpal Chatterjee

1. To train for various Industrial employment as well as self employment.
2. To train mentally and physically challenged.
3. To train Villagers in 3H/MG Projects areas.
4. To provide Soft Skills Training- a pre-requisite for jobs and career.
5. Recognize vocational excellence of genuinely worthy persons in public life (not in business) preferably both of well-established personalities and of emerging talents who deserve appreciation for their outstanding efforts.
6. Elucidate the potential that vocational service can offer for raising quality of life and upholding the strong ethics and integrity of Rotarians.


Chairperson: Rtn PP Jayanta Chatterjee

1. To promote basic literacy among the villagers.
2. To educate them to develop self employment.
3. To give vocational training.
4. To give support with Micro Credit.